Scheveningen has over 4700 parking spots. The parking spots are located in car parks and the parking lots.

Accessibility Boulevard Scheveningen
Taking the car, public transportation or bike to Scheveningen

Scheveningen is enjoying the summer. Whereas many visit the beach and the pavilions,  a little further people are working on a beautiful new boulevard. Scheveningen will remain well accessible by car, public transport and bike, during the work as well.

In order to keep the beach, the boulevard and the pavilions well accessible, a 500-meter temporary boulevard has bee created around the work site (between Sealife and de Schuitenweg).

The best way to reach the resort is by public transport or moped/bike. If you’re traveling by car, please take busy traffic into account. Due to the work to the boulevard, the ‘Strandweg’ between the ‘Scheveningseslag’ and the ‘Schuitenweg’ is closed for traffic.  Therefore, through traffic across the boulevard is no longer possible. In general, you can take the following routes:
• Scheveningen-Bad via de Van Alkemadelaan en Zwolsestraat;
• Scheveningen-Haven via de Houtrustweg of Statenlaan.

Check the map with the advised routes to the boulevard

In order to smoothly guide the traffic in Scheveningen on busy days in the summer, the municipality deploys additional traffic wardens. For proper handling of all traffic, motorists are advised to turn of their navigation system in Scheveningen and to follow the directions of the traffic wardens.

The parking lot at the ‘Seinpostduin’ is closed because it falls within the work field of the boulevard. Therefore, a temporary parking lot has been constructed on the beach next to the harbor. This lot provides space for about 400 passenger cards. All car parks in Scheveningen and attractions, such as Sealife remain accessible.

Public Transport
Scheveningen is very well-accessible by public transport. From stations Hollands Spoor and Centraal you can get on the following tram- and bus lines:
• from Centraal station to Scheveningen Noorderstrand: tram 9 and bus 22;
• from station Hollands Spoor to Scheveningen Noorderstrand: tram 1 and 9;
• from station Hollands Spoor to Scheveningen Haven: tram 11.

Strand Express
Taking a quick to the beach of Scheveningen at a summer Sunday at an affordable price? Avoid traffic jams and saving parking fees by parking your car at parking lot P+R Hoornwijck. From there you can travel cheaply on the Strand Express to the beach of Scheveningen. During the beach season (June 6th until September 12th 2010) the Strand Express departs every ten minutes on Sundays. This tram departs from P+R Hoornwijck directly to Scheveningen. The trip takes about 30 minutes. Parking and a ticket fees are just € 2,- which is valid for a maximum of 4 persons.

During events you are advised to use public transport where possible. Scheveningen is well-accessible by tram HTM lines 1, 9 and 11 or by bys 14, 22 and 23. For travel advice, please check

Business hours and rates
As of January 1st 2010, P+R Hoornwijck is open 24 hours a day. Until then you can enter and exit without restrictions between 7 AM and 9 PM.

The fee for parking + a day ticket for public transportation for 4 persons is:
- Monday-Friday 7AM – 5 PM € 4.00 per instance
- Monday-Friday 5 PM – 7 AM € 2.00 per instance
- On weekends, the rate is € 2.00 per instance

How to get there?
After the exits at traffic square Ypenburg (junction A4/A13), you’ll find P+R Hoornwijck on the traffic signs. From the A4 (from both directions) take the exit “Ypenbug/Rijswijk-centrum” (exit 9) at junction A4/A13. Then follow the signs displaying “P+R Hoornwijck”.

From the A13 (from direction Rotterdam), take exit ‘Rijswijk/Den Haag-Zuid’ (exit 7) at junction A4/A13. Then follow the signs ‘P+R Hoornwijck’.

The P+R site is well lit at night for your comfort and safety.

Tram 15 departs every ten minutes; after 6 PM ever fifteen minutes until midnight. Please click hier to check up-to-date departure times of tram 15.

P+R Hoornwijck
Laan van Hoornwijck 55
2289 DG Den Haag

Please also check
• Strand Express
Accessibility boulevard during each phase of the work
• Parking in Scheveningen www.parkerenscheveningen.nlAutodelen

Car sharing

Car sharing is good for the environment, it improves the quality of the air and it saves you a lot of money in the process.

Car sharing is becoming increasingly popular. When car sharing, several people use one or more cars in turns. As an individual you can share a car with neighbors or acquaintances. But you can also turn to the organization Wheels4all.

Another option is to purchase a subscription from a commercial organization. In The Hague, these are Greenwheels and ConnectCar. Cars provided by these organizations are always located at the same, reserved parking spots in the city.

Business car sharing
For business traffic we have Mobilitymixx. Of course, you can also rent a car from a car rental company.

Car sharing may save you a lot of money. If you drive less than 15000 kilometers per year, shared car use could be cheaper than having your own car. In January 2008, over 900 people in The Hague were using a shared car.

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